Automatic zStorage Monitoring is a very easy and disruptive way to manage your zStorage and be sure it’s performing as expected and  required for your business !
Let 1st ask a few questions :
  • How many LPARs are you running ?
  • What are instant Storage Response Time values and are they stable  ?
  • How long is the zSystem waiting after a disk aray answer ?
  • Do you pay for over charged MSU due to storage slow performance ?
  • How many headcounts are assigned to the above items ?
  • Are you trained on all the deployed options ?
  • What are the benefit of the implementation of a new option such as, Disk Flash HPFE , Ficon 16S , z HPF , z Hyperlink, z Hyperwrite , z SuperPav , EasyTier , Flash 3.2T etc… how do they perform ?
Of course if you can answer to each of theses questions, your system is probably under control.  But most of the time few LPARs only are well controled !
The number of parameters to analyse is so huge and involve so innovative technologies that it’s today almost impossible even for skilled engineers to analyse every day all LPAR data.
Automatic Storage Monitoring provides every morning an overview of how EACH LPAR is performing, alert you on any derivative or target missed and much more…  It runs in fully automatic mode without any human action, runs on a separate computer and store historical data for further comparative analysis and problem determination.
That’s why Automatic Storage Performance is today a must, it monitors the whole zStorage infrastucture with no effort and is compliant with all new storage technology and zOS. It will skill up your team with a global vision on how your storage is performing.